About Us

Palatino Consulting is named after the Colle Palatino (Palatine Hill) in Rome, not Hermann Zapf’s typeface (although we’re a fan of that, too.)

Rob Larsen

Palatino Consulting was founded by Rob Larsen in 2014.

Rob is an experienced team lead and engineering manager, expert front end engineer, published author and open-source contributor.

Rob is an active writer on web technology with a special focus on emerging standards like HTML5, CSS3 and the ongoing evolution of the JavaScript programming language. He is co-author of Professional jQuery, the author of Beginning HTML and CSS, the author of The Uncertain Web, from O’Reilly, the author of Mastering SVG and co-author of The HTML and CSS Workshop.

A long-time open source contributor, Rob currently maintains HTML5-Boilerplate and administers the H5BP organization on GitHub.


We provide the following services:

  • Front End Architecture
  • Training
  • Git and GitHub Workflow Development
  • SDLC Development
  • Front end development, with a focus on the following:
    • Angular/TypeScript architecture and development
    • Data Visualizations using Canvas and SVG
  • Standards development

Contact us if you’d like to know more.